Living in Orlando. Pros and Cons

Living in Orlando. Pros and Cons

In recent years, for some reason, the opinion has spread among Russians that Orlando is almost an ideal city for a middle-income family to live in.

Advantages of living in Orlando

Florida is chosen either by retirees or those who hate snow. This ingrained opinion is generally correct. Florida cities are actually very suitable for both. For senior citizens there is a great variety of gated communities with the necessary infrastructure and very affordable rent (from $700 for a one-bedroom apartment). Well, for those who are looking for sunny skies and warmth all year round, we can mention the cheap prices for buying real estate.

Yes, in Orlando you can really buy a decent house for $200-250 thousand. With a down payment of $40 thousand monthly mortgage payments will be in the neighborhood of $750-800, which is ridiculous when compared to rental prices in most major U.S. cities. And at the same time you are not renting someone else’s apartment with one bedroom for $1000-1300, and pay your spacious house, which you can then sell or leave to your children.

The advantages of living in Orlando are obvious:

  • affordable real estate prices;
  • hot summers and always warm winters;
  • a lot of unskilled labor in the service and hospitality industries;
  • lots of entertainment for both kids (Disney and Universal theme parks) and adults (tons of bars and restaurants);
  • Florida has no state income tax (unlike California and many other regions).

Orlando’s advantages stop there. Of course, everything is learned by comparison. Florida will surely appeal to those who for many years have been living in a small New York apartment, in the monthly rent of $ 1400-1500 and without any prospects for the future. Here is a great opportunity to buy a spacious house under the palm trees and with a pool in the backyard, with a monthly mortgage of $ 800. However, do not forget that along with cheap real estate, Orlando has many disadvantages.