How to Prepare an Apartment for Sale: 7 Tips

How to Prepare an Apartment for Sale: 7 Tips

“Home-staging is the proper pre-sale preparation of a home to increase its value. How to renovate, rearrange furniture, what a buyer looks for first, how to show the property – knowing the right tips can significantly increase the value of the apartment or the rental price.


Remove personal belongings from the apartment. Look at the apartment through the eyes of a buyer, not someone who has lived here for several years. Family photos, certificates of sports and corporate achievements – it warms your soul, and the client prevents him from seeing the apartment as his own. The same applies to religious items (for non-believers or adherents of other faiths, it will prevent them from thinking about their life in a new home), medical devices and drugs (everything related to diseases, creates a negative impression), etc.

At the moment of sale, the apartment ceases to be a “house”, it is a “commodity” that the future owner chooses. It is better if it is as impersonal as possible.

There is no money for a full-fledged repair – do partial

It is ideal when you sell an apartment with a luxury repair, new appliances and furniture. But more often it is not so. Then tidy up the most important areas: the hallway (this is the first thing the buyer sees), bathroom and kitchen (in them the shortcomings are most noticeable), and the rest of the rooms improve on the residual principle.

There are also effective measures that do not require financial outlay. First, dehlamization – take out excess furniture, stacks of old magazines, receipts, in general, everything that you never use, but for some reason stored in the rooms or on the loggia. Secondly, elegance and coziness in the interior will add a vase and flowers. Bright bedspreads and tablecloths will help hide the shortcomings of the furniture, and beautiful curtains will hide the unsightly view from the window.

Do not empty the apartment of furniture completely

An empty room without furniture always seems smaller than it really is – that’s the rule. When dechlamizing, leave the necessary minimum of furniture – a bed, a table, a chair, a small cupboard. Old furniture can be varnished or painted.

Do not undertake the repair on your own, if you are not a professional

Poor quality repairs will not increase the value of your apartment, but will take a lot of time. Calculate whether the days of personal time you will spend on repairs will be much cheaper than hiring a team of workers? And will you provide the same results as those who do the repairs professionally?

An apartment starts with the entryway

The impression of the entryway plays a very important role in the first viewing. Here your options are limited, and yet: one of your neighbors can’t throw the old refrigerator out of the stairwell for a year? Hurry up. Bad light bulb? Change it yourself. Is it stuffy? Before the buyer visits, open the windows next to your stairwell and ventilate.

Let your apartment be remembered for its light

Screw an extra bulb into the chandelier, open the curtains, wash the windows not only from the inside but also from the outside before the showing.

When showing, there should be a minimum of people in the apartment

It is ideal if the realtor does the showing without you: the buyer feels more relaxed without the presence of the owner. If this is not possible, try to keep your relatives busy during the showing: the buyer absolutely does not need to get acquainted with your children, grandmother and pets, etc. (especially for small apartments and large families). (especially for small apartments and large families). If you rent out your apartment, don’t turn the showing over to the person renting it. The tenant has no motivation to help you with the sale, he either doesn’t care or is annoyed by the plans to sell the apartment he is currently enjoying renting.