Hoarding Houses We Buy and How it Works

We mostly buy single family hoarding houses but will consider any type of dwelling in Southern California. Here are examples of some of the hoarding houses we’ve purchased:


Has maintaining your house gotten the better of you, and now it’s time to sell real estate and everything that goes with that, but there is just too much work to be done? Have you ever had a loved one pass away and you are now in charge of selling the house? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the thought of removing the household items, cleaning the house, finding a trust-worthy contractor and making necessary repairs, finding a good realtor, staging the house for sale and finding a buyer so you can sell house for cash, only to have the escrow fall apart and having to start all over again?

We Buy Hoarder Homes

This is where we can really help in a situation like this. Once we see the property, there are no additional inspections needed. In fact, there are no additional requests of any kind. We will give you a written offer within 24-48 hours with absolutely no contingencies, and we will open escrow immediately. Our deposit amount will be non refundable so you know we are serious about buying the house. We will close in a time frame that works for you (can be as quick as one week!). You can literally walk away and have cash in hand upon close of escrow without having to do another thing to the house. You can leave behind any items you don’t want to move. If you’re leaving your home behind to move out, it may be an idea to visit these us if you’re after a strong sense of community and relaxation.

Has your home been on the market longer than usual?

We can help!

We research your unique situation and determine if a short sale will work for you or if there is another solution. We also work with homeowners who have a property that has stagnated and that they can’t seem to sell. We have experience with buying homes in the most difficult situation. Learn how we can help. Call us today!

  • Our streamlined process will help you sell your home fast!
  • Simple, easy to understand paperwork
  • Experienced, knowledgeable experts
  • Cut your closing costs and get a great price

Best House Buyer Florida will help you sell your property. We offer fast and flexible closing dates and help you avoid costly repairs and manage the sale so that you get the best results. Call us 24/7 at 407-534-9300. At Best House Buyer Florida, we take the time to answer all of your questions and explain the process for selling your home fast and with no fuss! You can also get a head start by filling out the form below.

How it works

At Best House Buyer Florida, we work with homeowners to buy homes that are in any condition and even in the most difficult situations.  We use our experience in home sales to help our customers get the best results and get their cash fast!

How do we do that?

  • We can pay cash for a fast closing.
  • If you can offer seller financing or creative terms, we can pay you more.
  • We can help eliminate lot mowing and code enforcement liens.
  • We can help remove garbage, trash, and overgrown landscape.
  • We can help clear the title and pay off back taxes.

We have helped homeowners by buying outdated, vacant or unkempt homes. We can buy homes in special circumstances, such as after a death or a divorce. We help with homes that lack equity or face bankruptcy. We can also help if a home has incurred liens or title problems.



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