Coastal Cities in Florida Where it’s More Profitable to Buy Real Estate

Coastal Cities in Florida Where it’s More Profitable to Buy Real Estate

In the United States, buying real estate in coastal cities is quite common. Check out a small list of cities where you can buy a house or apartment more favorably.

Lakeland, Florida

Yes, Lakeland is a little farther from the water than Clearwater, Tampa Bay, and other coastal towns in the state. Nevertheless, local real estate prices will make you happy, so Lakeland is worth a look. By the way, Orlando, which is a little further east, also has quite a few homes at relatively low prices.

Jacksonville, Florida

On the very shore of the Atlantic Ocean stands the city of Jacksonville. The real estate market is developed, and prices are quite democratic by the standards of the United States. The housing affordability index is about 40% below average. Many houses are built right on the coast or close to it. It is possible to buy such housing for $100,000, or even cheaper. There is plenty of room to build new homes, too.

Fort Myers, Florida

In general, in the state of Florida there are a lot of opportunities to find housing at an affordable price, and even by the ocean. The index of real estate affordability in Fort Myers is close to the index of Jacksonville – the same 40% difference from the average figures. Houses in the coastal strip cost from $ 200,000. The farther away from the coast, the cheaper housing becomes. For comparison: on Sanibel Island, just a few minutes from Fort Myers, for a house will have to lay out at least a million dollars.